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What’s in a Name?

Runway2Street designers are discovered among countless countries, cultures, and walks of life. As with any brand, each R2S designer has a unique story behind their name. Here’s a look into the inspiration behind some of them.


The philosophy behind abcense is “to allow wearers to be themselves and to allow others to see not what they are wearing, but who they are.” Abcense derived their name from an Oriental technique used in poetry and art called “blank-leaving.” Traditionally, blank-leaving means to purposefully leave blank space, allowing the viewer to develop their own interpretation. It is in this abcense (as stylized by the brand) that the piece becomes more meaningful to the viewer. 

Abcense shoes


Created under a notion of luck, designer Claudia Aragon named her line after the Italian word for “little bull horns”, a symbol defined since ancient times as one of luck. On a more personal level, Cornetti is a tribute to Aragon’s grandfather, her mentor. As Aragon describes him, he was “an Italian immigrant, an entrepreneur, and a ladies man”, who would gift cornetto-shaped pendants to any new female friend he made.

Cornetti sandals


Vaska is the Swedish word for “bag” and represents the designer’s, Ann-Sofi Storbacka, Fenno-Swedish upbringing. Handmade in Barcelona using traditional European techniques, each Vaska bag is a unique combination of Nordic aesthetic and Mediterranean flair.

Ann-Sofi Storbacka of Vaska

violet darkling

Conceived by British designer Louisa Richwhite, Violet Darkling is the designer’s “alter ego”, a dark and daring femme fatale with a love for exploration and all things nocturnal. According to Richwhite, “Violet is a crazier, amplified and more nocturnal version of me. When the sun has set, she disappears into the woods in her hooded cape to discover woodland creatures. As dawn breaks she makes her way back to Darkling Manor to create beautiful treasures inspired by her adventures.”

Louisa Richwhite of Violet Darkling

Street Style - New York Fashion Week

It is that time of the year again when our fashion elite strut the streets in their very best. Here are our faves at #NYFW.

T-shirt dress - check, Military Boots - check, Aviators - check. Minimal chic at its best.


Crop Tops are here to stay and so are boyfriend jeans. Not to mention that we are drooling all over that Chanel waist pouch.


Where do we begin with this one? Graffiti dress with candy colored accessories makes for a perfect day outfit. 


Giovanna Battaglia breaks the monotony of the outfit with pops of gold.


Sexy off shoulder perfection by Man Repeller with frayed shorts spells casual.


(Images - Harper’s Bazaar, Elle UK, Wgsn)

Designer Spotlight - Ikuria

Ikuko Kurahone of Ikuria was inpired by a space dog who became the first animal to orbit the earth for her Laika collection.


1.  What was the creative inspiration behind your brand?

Ikuria is the fine jewelry brand I launched in 2012. I conceived the idea to create fine jewelry during my previous occupation as a journalist in London and Tokyo.I have met great business women and female business leaders. But in a most part of the big corporate world, expressing yourself with fashion does not necessarily lead to the best business result. So they hid their natural beauty underneath the corporate uniforms. I think wearing the right jewelry enables a woman to assert her individualism and style amid the vanilla sameness of a typical busy office, to be feminine and distinctive yet still conform to corporate dress codes.That’s why I use the fine materials to make it possible to produce jewelry that is elegant and subtle yet sufficiently robust to withstand wear and tear amid the hustle and bustle of the working day and big city commuting.For creating jewelry, I get inspired by reading about amazing human stories. For example, the Laika collection, which is features on runway2street, is inspired by a space dog called Laika. She was trained by astronauts and became the first animal to orbit the earth in 1957. She is yet to return. I was fascinated by such a small dog, weighing about 11 pounds, made a big contribution to human space flight. 

2.  Your Earliest Fashion Memory

I was 12 or 13 when my ballet teacher produced some leotards and collections of fabrics, sequins etc and asked me to come up with a stage costume for her modern ballet choreography. Also, I grew up in a “dress making” family. My late paternal grandmother used to make traditional Japanese kimonos professionally by hand and my mother made clothes for me. She still does it but for herself.

3.  Who is your fashion muse?

Thandie Newton and Kate Middleton. They and their stylists know exactly what types of outfits make their natural beauty stand out. Their styles do not offend anyone but they do not go for boring outfits. It is also amazing that how elegantly and efficiently they use jewelry.

4.  Describe your personal style

I am a jewelry designer, so jewelry has to be the focal point of my style and I always layer lots of it. Every morning, I first decide which jewelry to wear, then decide which clothes to wear. As my jewelry’s signature style is “elegant, edgy and playful”, it defines my personal style too. I am extremely picky about the fit of clothes because I have quite a petite East Asian figure. I absolutely can’t live without high heels and my little 15-year old Louis Vuitton handbag.Solid colors, brights, dark colors, digital prints, cotton, silk, lace, jeans, dress— anything is welcome as long as it fits me well.

5. What is your favorite place in the world and why? 

If I have to pick then I will pick my birthplace Tokyo and Scotland.
Tokyo is such a funky, vibrant city. There is always something happening, you can find some silly gadgets, public transports are so reliable, you can go on dancing until 4 am, there is a good mix of tradition and modernism, east and west, and food is GREAT.
Scottish highlands are stunningly beautiful. I visited the Northern part of Scotland about 5 years ago and that is when I realized how beautiful the nature was.

6. Most beloved thing in your wardrobe

Besides my jewelry?
I have many little black dresses in different cuts, style, length and textiles in my wardrobe, which makes my husband giggle.

7. What are your 5 favorite picks from R2S?

1- Ikuria  Laika Pearl Charm Rings

2- Ikuria Laika Lariat Necklace

3- Ikuria Laika Aquamarine Earrings

4- Burce Bekrek Crepe Sheer Back Panel Dress

5- De Siena Nina White Stud Heels

Fall Must-Haves

Fall is officially here, and with that, it’s time to start getting our wardrobes ready. Here are just a few of our favorites from runway2street.

The Statement Bag

A statement bag instantly dresses up any outfit. We especially love the variety of colors of Lauren Cecchi’s inaugural runway2street collection. Paired against winter grays and blacks, these bags really pop.

Lauren Cecchi Mezzo Pineapple Medium Cross Body Bag

LAUREN CECCHI Mezzo Pineapple Medium Cross Body Bag

The Leather Jacket

A serious update on the leather jacket, PINGHE’s features goat luxurious goat and rabbit hair as a stunning alternative to fur.

Pinghe Orlando Goat Hair Leather Jacket

PINGHE Orlando Long Goat Hair and Distressed Leather Jacket

The Full Skirt

Plakinger’s delicate, organza skirt in winter white is perfect when paired with chunky knits or supple leather.

Plakinger White Silk Organza Midi Skirt

PLAKINGER White Silk Organza Midi Skirt

The Black Booties

No winter wardrobe is complete without a pair of black booties. These by New York City designer Emy Mack are easily dressed up or down.

Emy Mack Elizabeth Studded Cap Toe Booties

EMY MACK Elizabeth Studded Cap Toe Booties

The Delicate Ring

We love how this ring is both edgy and delicate. Also, as our editor points out, the chain prevents you from losing the smaller knuckle ring!

Ayaka Nishi Silver Bone Chain Ring

AYAKA NISHI Silver Bone Chain Ring

New In - Lauren Cecchi

It took designer Lauren Cecchi a travel around the world to hone the concept for her namesake brand. Little did she know that her favorite city, New York would serve as the ultimate inspiration. 

Today her Empire collection is a timeless interpretation of the sophistication and elegance of the city. Each bag is handcrafted using high quality cowhide leather, custom tanned using colors to represent the pavements, hot city streets, city lights, open markets and night skies. What is truly fascinating is that all aspects of her bags are made locally.

We love the clean lines, playful colors and the details on each bag making it perfect for everyday use.

Here is your chance to shop the collection.

Inspiration is Everywhere

The creative process can develop from many avenues. At runway2street, we invite you to “be inspired by the story” of our designers and their collections. 

Here’s a look into what inspires our designers.

ANNE SYLVAIN "Sleek Simplicity"

The inspiration behind the Anne Sylvain line began in Paris as many do, but unlike other designer lines, the designer was inspired by a beautiful arrangement of sports cars parked in front of a hotel. As she describes it, it was that idea of “sleek simplicity” that drives the Anne Sylvain line. While many pieces are named after sports cars, not all of them are, like the LKS Convertible backpack, inspired by Louis Kahn’s Salk Institute in San Diego.

Anne Sylvain LKS Alligator Backpack and its Inspiration, the Salk Institute

Photo: The Salk Institute // Anne Sylvain LKS Genuine Alligator Gray Backpack

PINGHE "Fear is not an option"

Designer Ping He’s career in fashion began when she was five, studying color and design while doing Chinese pen-and-ink drawings and oil paintings. This eventually led to a stints at Alexander McQueen and Aftershock. Despite her fashion-heavy background, Ping describes “post-war architecture as the key to Pinghe’s design”

Pinge Isabelle and Comme de Garcons boutique

Photo: Comme de Garçons, Paris // Pinghe Red Mongolian Wool and Scuba Dress

NORITAMY "If we wouldn’t wear it-we don’t put it up for sale"

Noritamy, composed of mother-daughter duo Tammar Edelman and Elinor Avni, has always been inspired by Japanese culture. As Elinor puts it, they have “always loved everything about it from traditional tea ceremonies, to the modern architecture of Tadao Ando Arata Isuzaki, to the masterpieces of Yohji Yamamoto.” It is out of that love they developed the OBI collection, dedicated to the sash used to belt a traditional kimono.

Noritamy Medium Obi Necklace

Photo: The Fashion Commentator // Noritamy Medium Obi Necklace

What are our favorite bloggers wearing?

Bloggers are fashion’s IT girls. Seen everywhere from front-row at the hottest shows to starring in their own big-time campaigns, they are the new trendsetters and tastemakers. We’re thrilled to see so many international bloggers wearing our designers. 

Here are just a few of our fall favorites.

Anisa Sojka, U.K.

Anisa Sojka wears Pinghe

Anisa wears: PINGHE Calanthe Embroidered Skirt // Lilou Gray Mongolian Wool Gilet

Gilda Koral Flora, Italy

Gilda Koral Flora wears Forest of Chintz and Caterina Zangrando

Gilda wears: FOREST OF CHINTZ Ikat Plume Clutch // CATERINA ZANGRANDO Gae Black Medium Pearl Ring & Afrodite Armature Ring

Stacie Chen, Taiwan

Stacie Chen wears Jamie Wei Huang

Photo: Style Du Monde

Stacie wears: JAMIE WEI HUANG Blue Overlapped Leather Strap Dress & Wool Merino Pocket Skirt Trouser

Marissa Meade, U.S.

Marissa Meade wears Lauren Cecchi

Marissa wears: LAUREN CECCHI Luxe Black Cross Body Bag

How to Transition your Wardrobe for Fall

Perhaps our favorite season is the in-between/transition season between summer and fall. At this point, we can reach into both our summer and winter wardrobes, creating maybe our most unique looks.

1) Crop Top

One of the most standout trends of  summer gets a classic twist for fall when paired with a button-down, skinny jeans, and flats.

Crop Top Styled for Fall

Photo: Fab Sugar

2) Shirtdress

Warm up your summer shirtdress by layering it over a turtleneck. Love it styled here with the last few buttons unbuttoned.

Layering a Shirtdress

Photo: Team Peter Stigter

3) Gaucho Pants

Lightweight, slinky gaucho pants pair amazingly with chunky, oversized knits. Pair with sleek heels to add structure.

Gaucho Pants for Fall

Photo: Who What Wear

4) Denim Skirt

Over-the-knee boots are back, and we love them paired with denim skirts. Select a clingy, stiletto pair to create the illusion of leather leggings.

Miroslava Duma Denim Skirt

Photo: Harper’s Bazaar

Designer Spotlight - Pinghe

Her Mantra ’ Fear is not an option’ reverberates through her powerful clothing. Inspired by a fusion between fashion and architecture, her clothes are structured, detailed, fierce and designed to empower and impress but Ping He the woman behind her eponymous label loves to disconnect from the world on secluded beaches of Maldives.

Here is what the designer had to say


1. What was the creative inspiration behind your brand?
Most of my inspiration comes from the beauty of Science behind Art. It is simply fascinating and I would need a whole another interview to explain it in detail.

2. Your Earliest Fashion Memory
My earliest fashion memory comes from 2 images I saw in the New York Times in the 80’s - the first one was the blue/green/grey national dress color during the 60’s China culture revolution and the second picture was an 80’s Manhattan wide shoulder power dress. I feel quite moved with how the cloth can make such a serious impact on our lives.

3. Who is your fashion muse? 
Every well dressed woman.

4. Describe your personal style
I would describe my style as elegant resistance.

5. What is your favorite place in the world and why? 
The Maldives. When I am on holiday, I like to feel disconnected from the world, and I get to do that in there.

6. Most beloved thing in your wardrobe
PINGHE SS14 black leather jacket with Python front. It is extremely easy to wear and gives my body total freedom. The most important thing is that I look and feel amazing whenever I am putting it on.

7. What are your 5 favorite picks from R2S?
PINGHE Calanthe Embroidered Tank
PINGHE Voletta Embroidered Skirt
PINGHE Georgette Deep V Back Crepe Dress
PINGHE Bernice Leather Dress
IKURIA Laika Gold Lariat Necklace

Favorite Street Style Looks of Summer 2014

Fashion week begins in just under two weeks, so we thought it was a good time to look back at some of our favorite looks and trends of summer. As much as we hate to see summer go, we simply love the romanticism of fall fashion. 

1) 90’s / Normcore

We knew that 90’s fashion was due for a comeback, but the biggest surprise this season was the arrival of Birkenstocks on the runways. Available in last season’s hottest trend, metallics, Birkenstocks were paired with everything from overalls to slinky, nightgown dresses.

Tomboy KC in metallic Birkenstocks

Photo: tomboykc.com

2) Crop Tops

Perhaps stemming from the 90’s trend as well, crop tops made a huge impact this season. Worn by showing a lot of skin or just a sliver, no other look radiated “never-ending summer” more than this one.

Crop Top Style

Photo: Harper’s Bazaar

3) Off-Shoulder Tops

In stark contrast to the normcore trend, this super-feminine style was offered in billowy shapes, making a major statement in street style.

Taylor Tomasi Hill wearing an Off-Shoulder Top

Photo: Stockholm Street Style

4) Gaucho Pants

Following seasons of skinny pants, wide-leg gaucho pants made a huge impact this season. Cropped was the length of choice for a trend we’re sure we’ll be seeing well into fall.

Margaret Zhang wearing Gaucho Pants

Photo: Vanessa Jackman